Friday, June 08, 2007

Sorry for the long pause.

I haven't blogged in a long time so I thought I'd give a brief synopsis of what's been happening in the last month (nothing too exciting).

1. Mike finished school for the year and now I actually get to see him for a few hours every day.

2. Poor Mike made us a delicious meal of eggs and hashbrowns and cheese. Then he noticed that the cheese was moldy. We went out for breakfast that day. Click the picture if you want to see the green bits.

3. We went camping at a nerd convention on May long weekend, and packed up and left at 2am on the last night because it was raining inches of slurpee on us.

4. I tried to dry a tent by hanging it over chairs in the back yard in between rain showers. Not so much luck.

5. I went to a veterinary dentistry seminar in Edmonton. We visited Andy & Amisha and played on their Wii system. That made my arms hurt. Left-handed pong is hard. Amisha made delicious mini hamburgers including baking fresh buns. Delicious.

6. We had our summer work barbeque last week. It rained. Fortunately the barbeque was held at the top of a hill.

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Perpetualstudent said...

Wow, thats quite the summer weather you've experienced already. I wonder what joys the rest of the summer has to hold!