Friday, April 20, 2007

Zoom Zoom

We're buying a new car! It makes me feel like such a grownup.

I was hoping to wait until Mike is done school, but the red wagon (aka Buzz) is about to crap out. Mike took it in for an oil change last week and had them look into why it seems to be having trouble changing gears. It'll take about $700 just to figure out what's wrong, and I'm pretty sure the transmission is about to fall out of it.

I was hoping to give it away to someone I know who's car just died, but I think it would cost a lot just to bring it up to safety standards (which I just did 2 years ago).

Anyway, the new car is a Mazda 5 GT, and it will have a command start, cruise, and BUTT WARMERS!!! YAY!!! We'll probably get it on Wednesday night. It will hold a lot of our crap, and every one of the 6 seats in it has its own cup holder. Plus an extra!

And all the back seats fold down flat really easily, and you can store stuff in the middle row seats, and the steering wheel telescopes and tilts, and it has a power moonroof, and the side doors slide open like a minivan, and it will have a CD player. All of our vehicles have been cassette-playing cars so far.

My only complaint is that the only seat without armrests is the front passenger seat. What's up with that? We asked the salesman and he thought it was dumb too. Oh well, my left elbow will just have to dangle and suffer when Mike's driving.

It will look just like this except it will live in Calgary and not in England. And it will have red fuzzy dice hanging from the mirror.

So exciting.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Proud of my husband.

With the help of some valium-type drugs and a very nice dentist, Mike has been brave enough to go through a lot of dental work in the past few weeks.

To be specific he has had 3 root canals, 5 crowns, several fillings, and a major dental cleaning. He still has to have 2 temporary crowns replaced by permanent ones, but he may be able to do that without sedation or freezing (he's most afraid of the needles).

He wasn't allowed to eat after 10 pm the night before his sedation appointments. Then he had to get up at 6 am to take his pills, and I had to shepherd a very large, very drugged, and rather clumsy man to the dentist's office for 7 am.

I went to work for the morning, and booked off some time in the afternoon to go pick him up.

The first time, I was a little apprehensive about leaving him alone at home for a couple of hours while I finished work. What if he decided to leave the house? Or tried to drive?

It's not a totally unfounded worry as one of my friends ended up buying fifty dollars worth of ice cream and leaving it at the store, then buying and bringing home a pet iguana after his dental sedation.

I had to work, so I hid Mike's house and car keys where he couldn't find them, gave him a stern lecture about not going down the stairs, and put him to bed. I also put his cell phone on the pillow next to him so he could call if he needed anything (I only work 2 blocks away). He was very tired and could barely stay awake long enough to drink some Gatorade before falling asleep. As final insurance, I left a very stern note on the door as a reminder in case he forgot.

I needn't have worried. I don't think he even turned over in his sleep while I was gone. I had to wake him up to feed him his dinner of pudding, then he went back to bed until the next morning.

No iguanas.

Good job Mike.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Mike and I went to the Starbucks this evening at Market Mall. I had ordered Mike's drink, then my drink. It was quiet in the store, and just as I finished telling the guy behind the counter what I wanted, Marvin Gaye's "Lets Get It On" came on the sound system.

The timing was so perfect that the Barista Boy looked slightly perturbed, then started laughing. In spite of the sexy guitars, I managed to not jump over the counter and shove my tongue down his throat.

I am a strong and decent woman. Marvin Gaye has no power over me.

And just in case you were suffering from cute kitty withdrawal: