Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I spent the last 2 weeks of June in Lethbridge living in a hotel, working, walking around downtown and studying. It was quite peaceful. I got a lot of studying done, and I have now experienced the bar known as Sound Garden. Quite the place that one.

My first appointment at work there was a little weird, though. The police brought in a decapitated and skinned animal for me to look at. It was my job to guess how it died and what it was. I voted for stabbed, and cat. Bizarre. And then the next day a lady brought in her dead cat and asked me to tell her how long it had been dead. And then a bag of dead fish was found in the parking lot. I didn't have to post-mortem the fish, though. After the few days of CSI Lethbridge, things got much more normal.

Lethbridge is nice. It's like a quiet version of Grande Prairie that you can drive across in 10 minutes. I was scared that I would have to treat rattlesnake bites, but thankfully none of the clinic's dog patients were dumb enough to get bitten while I was working. Worst wildlife encounters I had to clean up were dog vs porcupine and dog vs. baby deer.

I got home the day before Heidi and Glen's wedding barbeque. The BBQ was fun, and the wedding was even more fun. All my siblings and their husbands/wives/kid were around and we had a great time dancing. Highlight of the night was BREAKDANCERS! They were awesome.

Kristed hung around town for a few days so I could neuter her dog. We had a lot of fun shopping and hanging out. Opi was an excellent patient and is the cutest dog ever. This is how he looked when he was just little. He's still just as cute, only bigger and droolier. But he's less nutty now. ha ha.

Finally, this last weekend I went to my friend Steph's wedding. It was great but I had a cold so I didn't stay past the speeches. I got to drive around in a low 2-door car while wearing a short skirt that day. Good thing it wasn't windy out.

Mike was up in GP attending his cousin Tina's wedding. Sounds like it was a good time too.

Mike is happy for Jason and Tina, but he was most excited about the roast pig.

I have to go study some more now.


Celia said...

I thought I was the only one to have a big roast for a wedding celebration. Now I feel so much more normal.

Celia said...

and by big roast, I definitely mean pig roast

Perpetualstudent said...

I'm not sure what is more exciting ... the giant pig roast or break dancing!! Sounds like a great week!