Friday, May 11, 2007

Goodbye Buzz

The new car is wonderful and the butt warmers are divine. But I thought I should post one last tribute to Buzz before I move on with life and become accustomed to the shiny new car.

We got Buzz about 2 years ago from somebody we know. That is the only way I would ever buy a really used car like this. Buzz got his name because whenever you were stopped at a light, the whole car would rattle unless you put it in neutral.

The only automatic thing in the car was the transmission.

Over the last 2 years Buzz got new struts, radiator, fluid pump, timing belt, and lenses for the headlights. I finally had to give in and stop pumping more money into the car when it would be $750 just to find out if the transmission was about to blow up. Buzz was our pay-as-you go car. If we ever got too poor to drive it or fix it, we could just park it and only have $50 in insurance payments that month.

I sold Buzz for 5 dollars. I hope he gets a new transmission and goes another 265000km.

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