Friday, April 20, 2007

Zoom Zoom

We're buying a new car! It makes me feel like such a grownup.

I was hoping to wait until Mike is done school, but the red wagon (aka Buzz) is about to crap out. Mike took it in for an oil change last week and had them look into why it seems to be having trouble changing gears. It'll take about $700 just to figure out what's wrong, and I'm pretty sure the transmission is about to fall out of it.

I was hoping to give it away to someone I know who's car just died, but I think it would cost a lot just to bring it up to safety standards (which I just did 2 years ago).

Anyway, the new car is a Mazda 5 GT, and it will have a command start, cruise, and BUTT WARMERS!!! YAY!!! We'll probably get it on Wednesday night. It will hold a lot of our crap, and every one of the 6 seats in it has its own cup holder. Plus an extra!

And all the back seats fold down flat really easily, and you can store stuff in the middle row seats, and the steering wheel telescopes and tilts, and it has a power moonroof, and the side doors slide open like a minivan, and it will have a CD player. All of our vehicles have been cassette-playing cars so far.

My only complaint is that the only seat without armrests is the front passenger seat. What's up with that? We asked the salesman and he thought it was dumb too. Oh well, my left elbow will just have to dangle and suffer when Mike's driving.

It will look just like this except it will live in Calgary and not in England. And it will have red fuzzy dice hanging from the mirror.

So exciting.


Jamie said...

that is very exciting!

Amisha said...

I parked beside one of those today. I was shocked by the third row of seats. Now we won't have to 3 cars to go for dinner anymore.

webhill said...

You just commented in my blog about a vet living in a house with carpeted stairs. I have to say - HA HA. That's hilarious because we just put in hardwood on the staircase, which we've been wanting to do for seven years but only did now that we have moved down the street from ourselves.