Saturday, February 17, 2007

Just for Jamie

I'm working at a clinic that sees all kinds of small creatures this week. I've treated geckos and ferrets and birds and bunnies and guinea pigs. I had to laugh when I walked in to the back on Friday and saw that the clinic not only has 2 budgies and a conure, they also have......A SKINNY PIG!!!!

I hadn't given any thought to skinny pigs in a few years, then Jamie posted on her blog about how much she loves them last week. This one is a bit weird looking because he's albino (and because he's a skinny pig). I forget what his name is, but it's an African word for hippo.
Some advice for those of you who want to own strange little animals:
Alberta is a very dry part of the world.
It's not the best area for geckos and other creatures with the consistency of a gummy bear to live. Stick to something with fur or that came from a desert in the first place.

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Jamie said...

I LOVE IT! It's totally cute even with the pink eyes. Thanks!