Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Must post more frequently than quarterly.

I have been shamefully procrastinating about this blog. Shame shame.

Oh well, I'm here now.

As for knitting, I have made a ton of stuff since August, but my favorite is the knucks I've been wearing constantly.

You can see that the thumb on the right hand rolls a bit. I think it's because I cast on a bit loose for that thumb.

They're actually less pink overall than they seem in the picture. More rusty orange.

I wore these knucks when I got to go on a tour of the oilsands in Ft. McMurray. I went up to do a locum in October, and had a lot of fun. The clinic was crazy busy, though. When I started on Monday, there were no appointments available for the rest of the week, and they were booking vaccine appointments 2 months out! That didn't stop animals from needing to be seen, of course. I got 1.5 lunches in 5 days. It was fun, though. I even had a blocked cat flown in one day from Fort Chipewyan. I've never had a patient airlifted to me before.

I had a lot of fun with Alison and Mary. Cute picture to prove it:

She's a really good kid these days. She only cried twice the whole time. Super cute too.

Alison met Robbie, and they seem to amuse each other quite nicely.

Denis took me on an awesome tour of the oilsands and I got to ride in a 400 ton truck for 2 loads! It was very very cool. Look how huge these trucks are:

I also did some knitting in Ft. Mac. I made odessa from Grumperina's website http://www.magknits.com/feb06/patterns/odessa.htm, but I need to block it before I show a picture. I also made some Futurama brain slugs http://www.johnnysstew.com/pattern/brainslug.html for Mike and friends for hallowe'en. Here I am sporting one of the little creatures:

I showed pictures on VIN, and now I'm involved in a trade with some American Vinners. American junk food for brain slugs.

Mmmm....baked cheetos in 100 calorie packs.

Mmmm....fudge shoppe cookies in 100 calorie packs.

Mike's also excited, because he's getting some Target strawberry lemonade juice powder.

I finished Robbie's hat last night, and want to get Sinead's panta done so it has some hope of reaching Germay before Christmas.

Must stop blogging and start knitting. I think that I'm going to go turn on the heated mattress pad, and knit in bed while watching TV for awhile.

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